The Digital Age

The digital age does not suit everyone and many of our customers preferred the paper system we used and up until now even DVSA Auditors liked to see paper copies of your maintenance records during their on site visits.  

However the advantages of electronic Service Sheets and planners are numerous.  Not only are they visually clean and legible,  they can also be sent to you quickly and easily as a PDF file.  Once you have them saved on your PC you can print them if you prefer or store them electronically.

We are an Operating Centre for many different hauliers and we have DVSA Audits carried out on site, the feed back we get now from the Auditors is electronic versions of your maintenance records are fine as long as you can produce what they require during the onsite visit.    

Digital planners can also be viewed electronically by you and us, you can add in the dates on your you require on your PC and we can tick them off as done on our PC, all in real time. 

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